Welcome to MGS Studios

What Does MGSStudios do?

MGSStudios are a game development studio making VR and Non VR games for PC. We currently develop games within the Unreal Engine 4.

What do we do?

MGS Studios are skilled in the following areas…

Game Design

MGSStudios believe in creating all of our games from an idea. We aim to make an enjoyable experience for all players and give our games the quality factor. We are extremely passionate about what we do and how we execute it and we strive to reflect this in our finished products

VR Game Design

VR gaming is now becoming a mainstream platform within the PC gaming industry.We can help develop your VR game/program whilst keeping the important performance factor. With excellent experience within this field we support you from concept until release

Map / Level Design

Where possible our level designers/creators build all our levels from scratch, that way as the player navigates everything is new and unpredictable. A lot of time is spent on level design to transport you the player into a magical and believable world.

Game Modding

Coming from a background in game mods and level design we still actively mod current games, one being Robo Recall for Oculus Rift. We created 2 mods, one adding locomotion and the other a popular Sci-Fi themed mod. We will continue modding games in to the future also

Released Games

Currently we have DemonicGuestVR Released on Steam and Oculus.This VR title puts you in a bedroom where you have to endure the horrors that the dark brings.This game was made to familiarize some of the team with VR development

Can i Join MGSStudios?

We are always looking for talented coders, Level designers, Sound and Visual Artists. We also offer a generous royalty package along with great exposure of your work. You can contact us to discuss any elements of doing work for MGSStudios via our contact us links.