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The premise behind the 3rd person shooter, HostileTakeOver is a simple one; as an alien, betrayed by mankind, you beam to Earth and take back what is rightfully yours, the special Energy Orbs, unique to your race and vital to your species’s survival. Kill anything in your path and retrieve them. This third person action game is set to feature a cover system, unique weapons, kick ass audio and sizeable maps. Key features are:

  • Full single player campaign
  • Future Online Cooperative play (to follow post release)
  • Huge, sprawling maps ranging from snowy peaks to barren, dust filled deserts
  • Future competitive Multiplayer modes
  • Free future DLC with no catches, F2P or Microtransactions
  • Full modding support
  • Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 4


hostile-takeover-1 hostile-takeover-2


HT is still very early in it’s development but we’re hoping to have it on Steam as an Early Access title soon.

Please check back for the latest updates.

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